Windows Server 2003 rebooting randomly, many times a day

By smn723 ·
We have a windows server 2003 machine that has been restarting randomly (now about every 15-30 minutes) for the past few days. It was originally rebooting occasionally then it started rebooting all the time. We ran Microsoft's memory diagnostics program and the memory passed all tests multiple times. I tried using booting up using the last known good config and no luck. Any ideas as to what we should be checking? This is a very important server so we need to get it resolved asap. Both the primary boot and the boot mirror provide the same results (rebooting every 15-30 minutes). There are no errors in event viewer telling us what may have happened. The system doesn't go to a blue screen or any error it just goes straight to rebooting itself. I appreciate all assistance in this matter. Thanks.

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Try opening the case & cleaning it out

by OH Smeg In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

A buildup pf dust and other items can cause this problem. You may need to pull the RAM and any plug in cards while you are cleaning it.

If that doesn't work replace the Power Supply.


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Windows Server 2003 rebooting randomly, many times a day

by parijat007 In reply to Try opening the case & cl ...

You can stops this restatting of server by following step.
Start>Run> type shtudown - a >enter,

And correct it by installing Windows 2003 Server- SP1 or higher. This will correct the issue.

Parijat Sharma

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Do you have Windows System Recovery set to reboot?

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

if the OS isn't doing it, then I would make sure all the fans are working, and the internal temperatures and voltages are normal.

Could be PS, mobo, memory, processor. Quickest troubleshooting method would be to pop the drives into another server.

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I have seen

by cmiller5400 In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

I have seen a bad CPU cause this. It was completely random on the reboots. It drove me nuts for about 3 weeks swapping all different components. Follow the other suggestions then if that doesn't work, post back.

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by mtjones In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

That defintly sounds like a hardware problem to me. I would say that it would be a power supply. It could also be the processor, but I think that this would be less likely.

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Power Supply

by SBlev In reply to Possibility

A server of mine had similar issues. It was the power supply.

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by cohoj In reply to Possibility

I have a Small Business Server myself and have 9 users but didn't realize the server is only licensed for 5. The server is shutting down every 30 to 45 minutes and the Licensing Service fails to start which causes the machine to shutdown. I too had no errors in Event Viewer but manged to catch the error and witness the shutdown when I was VNC'd in.

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Critical updates & OS reload

by SVilleneuve In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

I would suggest making sure you have all MS Critical Updates and Hot Fixes downloaded and installed. I'd also try the drive in another machine to see if the issue follows the drive. If so, then you probably need to re-load the OS.

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Virus scanner

by bart777 In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

Disable the virus scanner and see if the problem goes away. I've had Vscan programs cause this after a bad update.

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Same thing here

by shermancrz In reply to Windows Server 2003 reboo ...

I had the same symptom on one of our Dell 1950 and it was the PS.

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