Windows Server 2003 restart wont boot

By Larson ·
Server will restart when trying to load windows, the second it gets to windows executive in the installation CD it will restart, and safe mode will give a BSOD. The error on the BSOD is STOP 0x0000007E (0xC000001D, 0x8084B03A, 0xF789AA64, 0xF789A760)

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Does it also report a .sys file?

by IC-IT In reply to Windows Server 2003 resta ...

Usually this is indicative of a bad driver and the .sys will point to the driver in question.

You may also want to test the memory.

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by Larson In reply to Does it also report a .sy ...

nope none at all

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OK with what you have provided

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Server 2003 resta ...

I think that you'll find the BIOS Battery is flatish and needs replacing.

When this happens the BIOS Battery doesn't have sufficient power to save the BIOS Settings and you get some strange error messages without reference to anything.

You need to replace the BIOS Batty here and reset the BIOS but you need to first disconnect the Power Lead/s and wait about 2 or 3 minutes. Slip out the old Battery and slip in a new one then plug in the Power Lead/s and restart the system.

When the POST Screen Appears press the Key to enter the BIOS and at the very least set the Time & Date in BIOS and then Save the Changes as you Exit BIOS.

I'm not sure that is your problem here but without any reference to a Driver that is the most likely issue. :)


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by MAEX In reply to Windows Server 2003 resta ...

...pressing F5, just after the CD setup starts. Should appear a list selection screen. Select apropriate Power function of your box.
Should help.
Have seen machines with incompatible ACPI.

Its rare, but can happen.

Would also check power supply.

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