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windows server 2003 server setup

By vinod ·

I'm pretty new to Windows web server setup. The current Windows Server 2003 scenario is:

1. I have three NICs in my server. One with public static IP address and the other two have and respectively.

2. I have a DNS server running and I already have domain name setup for this server. I am also running Active Directory on the same server for my LAN.

What I want to do is to have the LAN talk to NIC, connect to the router so that all the router's clients get DHCP assigned from 192.168.2's network. I also want the LAN's DNS's queries to get replied from private IPs, and have the public static IP reply DNS queries to public's requests. My DNS server is running okay as I do have experience in setting this up. I am stuck at the point with RRAS - NAT and VPN. Another crazy thing I want to do is have the public VPN to my router's interface which would be 192.1.2's network. I don't know if what I wish for is crazy but I really would appreciate any help.


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Here's a suggestion: stop using the server as a router

by CG IT In reply to windows server 2003 serve ...

if you have more than 1 NIC on the server, then your using it as a router. So, in addition to all the other tasks the server must do, it also must perform routing tasks and all network traffic must pass through the server.

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NAT on router

by vinod In reply to Here's a suggestion: sto ...

I followed your suggestion and switched back to the router. The problem now is any ping to my server dns is resolving private IP. I believe this is a NAT issue on the router?

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