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    Windows Server 2003 Shadow Copies


    by anqara05 ·

    So here is an overview, recently we replaced our file server and this time instead of using local storage we’ve decided to use an iSCSI target on a SAN. However we configured the shadow copies to be stored on the local storage drives.
    Most of our shares are subfolders to one main data folder that’s a share as well for example(our parent folder on server1 is “D:\folder1” and it is shared as “\\server1\mainshare”) this folder has many subfolders that are also shared with different share names) so if a user connects to ex: “\\server1\share1” (share1 is really located under “D:\folder1\share1”) this user won’t be able to see any shadow copies for any items within the folder. However when i access the parent share “\\server1\mainshare” and browse down to “\\server1\mainshare\share1” i’m able to access the shadow copies of “share1” that i wasn’t able to access before.
    So basically i can only access shadow copies of shares if i browse to them from the top level folder and not if i access the shares directly by their shared names.
    There are no errors on event viewer for this.

    any suggestion ? i hope me trying to give a good description of the issue didn’t confuse you 🙂

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