Windows Server 2003 slowness

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I wonder if anyone can assist? I am experiencing a general slowness when transferring files from a Windows 2003 Server used for Rythmix... network has been checked out and has come back ok, sending to this server is ok, which makes me believe it is server related but what? has anyone had this or something similar before? thanks

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What exactly do you mean by " Rythmix"?

by ComputerCookie In reply to Windows Server 2003 slown ...

A bit of detail might help, if it's what I think it is you may need to configure your server so that it doesn't allow connections that will lower the media streaming rate to degrade the product.

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More detail...

by info In reply to What exactly do you mean ...

Thanks for your reply, Rhythmyx being The web content management system...

I have attached a link FYI

The problem is the transfer speed from the server takes up to ten times as slow compared to sending to the server?



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Anti virus?

by jimmy-jam In reply to Windows Server 2003 slown ...

Is your anti virus program scanning the files as they are being transfered out? That could cause the system to slow down. If that be the case and you are comfortable with it, you could setup exceptions to prevent these files from being scanned.

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by info In reply to Anti virus?

Very valid point, I will definately check and try making the necessary ammendments. Cheers

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