Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition w/ 5 CALs

By alboint ·
I've installed Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition w/ 5 CALs. As I understand 5 CALs allow up to 5 user terminals to connect to the server at the same time. But in my case it is available only for 2 users. What should I do to fix it?

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Not sure I really understand your question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Server 2003 Stand ...

A CAL that comes with any Windows Server product allows a Computer or other device to connect to the Server. For full details read here

Are you saying that you only have 2 systems connecting to this Server and you want to remove 3 of the Default CAL's or that you only have 2 Devices/Computers that can connect to this Server and you want more connected?


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by christianshiflet In reply to Windows Server 2003 Stand ...

I am not sure I am reading your question correctly. Are you saying that you can only get 2 concurrent Terminal Server sessions on the server? If so, you probably need to change the Terminal Server from Remote Administration mode to Application Server mode. Licensing wise you will also have to purchase Terminal Server CALs for each concurrent session, which are separate from typical Windows Server CALs. If I am off the mark, please try to clarify the question a bit, if possible. Thanks.

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Term server access

by pell_david In reply to Windows Server 2003 Stand ...

Everyone has the ability to connect to the term server for 30 days. If you need more than that, you can change some settings in the regestry but it isn't confirmed or available from Microsoft. I had the same issue when I worked for a training company that used term services and we were able to go around this by changing the regestry and creating an image file to reuse over and over....

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Client Access Licenses

by gneal In reply to Windows Server 2003 Stand ...

You are probably confusing Terminal Services Licenses with Client Access Licenses. The former allow users to connect like you described, through a Remote Desktop Session where they have a desktop relayed from the server. A Clien Access License allows a different type of connection to the server. In this case, it allows a user to typically access files, folders and printers shared on the server. It means that you can have up to 5 users accessing these resources simultaneously. If you want to have them use remote desktop, you must purchase Terminal Services Licenses.

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