Windows Server 2003 - Trans LDF files

By martinbullock15 ·

We run a SQL Server 2003, from which our accounting software runs from. We have ran this for 2 years with no problems, but recently the Transaction LDF file size has being growing very fast, we are now having to detach the Database which the file is linked to, delete the LDF file then restore the database. At one point in a 5 day period it got as big as 150Gb.

What can cause this to happen? and does anyone have any suggestions how this can be stopped? As this is now casusing big problems with data imports etc

I have tried limiting the size of the transaction file but once the file reaches the limit and stops the accounting software from working. Like i said it has been fine for over two years and the file was never a problem.

Thanks in advance


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This may not be helpful but...

by robo_dev In reply to Windows Server 2003 - Tra ...

Were there any changes made to the software configuration, version, or program settings?

Programs are usually smarter than people, and do exactly what they are told. So perhaps somebody changed an option to add some additional detailed data to the transaction file.

Of course this is really more an application issue....what does the vendor of the software recommend?

Is this an off-the-shelf application or a custom application?

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Some of it depends on the SQL server version

by lowlands In reply to Windows Server 2003 - Tra ...

And SQL server 2003 does not exists, you'll probably have 2000 or 2005 running on a Windows 2003 server.

managing the transaction log is an important and pretty basic SQL server admin task.

Start with this MS article

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