windows server 2003 with 2 NIC's and a Router with Dynamic IP-Adress

By g37_man ·
I have a windows server 2003 with Double NIC and the server is DHCP for An Application server connected with clients. and the 3 com Router having Dynamic IP Adress is and My server 2003 IP Adress is and they are in different subnet. Right now my question is; i want to connect the other NIC with the Router just to be connected with the internet through work stations. is it possible to do this? because i have no experience just trying for the first time.
Right now, i have connected the second NIC to the Router and found the internet is connected. and also in clients i have tried to connect but i could not do it.
could you please guys show me what steps should i use?

thank you very much and god bless you

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by LarryD4 In reply to windows server 2003 with ...

As long as you can pass information between the two subnets.

And the clients and server on the other subnet can see the server with 2 nic cards.

You should be able to setup the second nic to an internet connection and setup internet connection sharing on the server.

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windows server 2003 double NIC & R outer Dynamic IP

by g37_man In reply to Yes

Hi, larry how are you doing?

i have already connected the 2nd NIC to the Router and it's ok. right now, the problem is in work station because i can't put the Gate Way due to in different subnet. i don't know what to do? i think you understand my problem


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Have you tried to

by IC-IT In reply to windows server 2003 doubl ...

bridge your connection?

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by g37_man In reply to Have you tried to

Hi, how are you doing? i haven't tried the bridge connection and i don't know how to it. this is the senario for my connection.
-- in my server i have 2 NIC'S The 1st NIC is DHCP and IP= AND connected with clients. and the 2nd NIC is connected with the Router and IP= ( Gate Way)
so, if i make bridge, how could i configure the MAC bridge? what IP Address shall i give to the bridge because this is between DHCP and DNS NIC'S
could you please guys show me the senario how to do this bridge connection?


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Pretty straight forward

by IC-IT In reply to WINDOWS 2003 WITH 2 NIC A ...

Basically all you do is open Network Connections, Right-Click one of the Lan connections and Select Bridge Connections. The 0.1 is static but handing out DHCP addressess?! Hope so being a server.

Here is a better description;

You could do the same thing in a more secure fashion by using an additional router.

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the problem is probably DNS

by CG IT In reply to WINDOWS 2003 WITH 2 NIC A ...

If you don't run your own DNS server which would forward queries it can't resolve to the internet, then you hav to use your ISP provided DNS servers on clients computers to get to the internet.

IIRC, option 6 in DHCP is where you specify DNS servers for clients.

However, you really don't want to bridge the 2 network connections. Here is a MS KB article on multihomed computers that do not have DNS running on the network. What you need to do is setup routing in Windows Server 2003 that says route all traffic not destined for the local network to your external interface. the add route command works for this.

note: this article is for Windows 98 however, the method is the same in setting up a static route in W98 for windows server 2003.

If you don't want the hassle of multihome, just get rid of the 2nd NIC on the server and have it as well as the workstations connect to the LAN switch. then just connect the lan switch to the router switch.

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