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    Windows Server 2003 x64 R2 Hard Drive Failing?


    by rpgmonkey ·

    Ok! I have three Dell Edge Servers. Two of which are small DC’s (1 quad core and ~2-4gb of ram) and a Member / Terminal Server that is 2x Quad Core 16Gb of ram.

    Over the recent weeks our Terminal Server has been going “slow” or lack of a better word… Hang times on user login, etc…

    I exhausted all resources trying to determine the root cause, however, I cannot seem to “pinpoint” anything that seems to be a problem. There are no errors in the eventvwr on ANY server…

    Finally, what has triggered something in my eyes is that when doing my updates tonight, the servers had the same amount of updates… and I had already had them downloaded and ready to be installed on the “beefy” server, however I ran the same amount of updates on all 3 servers… No users were logged into the system, however the two smaller DC’s finished (downloading AND installing) before the “beefy” one could even come close… To me this seems like a huge issue in the write queue of the Terminal Server.

    All Servers use a RAID 1 Mirror setup, and OpenManage on all 3 servers has not detected ANY “possible failing drives” but the fact remains that this server is taking CONSIDERABLY long to write to than the other 2 Machines.

    Any help is appreciated.

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