Windows Server 2008 DHCP

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I have a small network with about 150 users and have recently put in a windows server 2008 machine running the following roles... dc, dns, dhcp. After going through the dhcp setup it is sending those address out to clients, however it doesnt send out the default gateway (router). I had to manually add that to the clent in order to get it out to the internet. Shouldnt the server send that address along with the ip, subnet, etc...? Thanks for any help in advance.... The dhcp settings on the router have been turned off.

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not unless you specify that in options

by CG IT In reply to Windows Server 2008 DHCP

DHCP simply provides an address to the client. It's DHCP options that provide router, DNS, etc to clients. DHCP option 3 is for the router [gateway]. 6 is for DNS

Set your DHCP options to include options 3 and 6 for clients.
Below is a link to DHCP options list in IANA.

For more information on configuring DHCP in a Windows Platform, I recommend Microsoft Technet.

Note: how you setup and configure DHCP hasn't changed from the days of NT, with the exception of adding more options and capability.

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