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Windows Server 2008 Folder Redirection

By rlynch@lockhartcadillac. ·
I have a server setup running 2008r2 as a domain controller. I have setup folder redirection to work along with these users, but have ran into a small problem. The hard drive failed in the server so the users were running for a few days "offline." There was an image taken of the server lets say on the 1st, after restoring the image to the server on the 4th the pc's were asking users to sync when they get a chance because the server is back up and running. Now, we chose on each pc to keep the current copy on the pc and replace the server copy when asked by the sync tool on each pc running windows xp pro. However, when the sync took place it actually reverting back the copies of the files on the 1st. So the users dont have any changes they made, say to an excel file, because any change made after the 1st have been erased back to the original copy. Is there anyway to recover the newer version of those files? Would a system restore on the pc's themselves do the trick, and then I can atleast backup those new versions before the pc trys to re sync again? Anything I can do from the server end to get the newest verison of those files? I assumed since we chose to keep the offline pc copy and replace the server copy that we would be okay. I really appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks.

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so I'm missing something here

by CG IT In reply to Windows Server 2008 Folde ...

if you put in the my documents redirect which stores the contents of users my documents on the server, and the last image you took is "lets say", on the 1st, and your restored to the image taken "on the 1st", the documents in the users folders will be what was on the image.

Not on the image, then it's not there, Unless!!! the sync files and folders was "keep both copies". If you didn't configure the sync to "keep both copies", what was there before the sync is gone, nadda, zitch, bamboose, ooops damnit....

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well when the server was down

for a few days so the users were working in their my documents folder offline. So, after bringing the server back up from the image taken 4 days earlier, I wanted the first sync to use the local offline copies, not the copies on the server because those copies are now 4 days older than the offline copies they have been using on their local machines. I was offered to keep both, but I chose to option to keep the local offline copy and update that to the server during the sync. This shouldve taken the local copy and synced it to the server, not the other way around. Thats what I thought anyway.

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Full sync at log off keeps newest.

by CG IT In reply to well when the server was ...

uncheck the box sync offline when logging on

check the box sync offline when logging off

the log off sync method is a full sync which ensures the most recent is saved.

if you use the quick sync, it's not a full sync.

note: for Windows XP Windows Vista and 7 have a sync center which while almost the same as XP has a better GUI.

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