windows server/exchange 2003 best admin practices

By dallas ·
I am looking for something like a checklist (or 2) giving me a series of best practices for administering windows server 2003 and exchange 2003. That is, how often should the machine be rebooted, how does one deal with ms-updates the may break particular server side processes, how often does an exchange server need to be backed-up? That sort of information. I find piecemeal answers concerning particular aspects of security or backups for particular types of machines but nothing general and basic. Maybe I am looking for a FAQ somewhere or a forum, I just don't find it.

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Better to makeup your own

by CG IT In reply to windows server/exchange 2 ...

A checklist of best practices doesn't exist. If it did I wouldn't follow it anyways. How servers are configured isn't a standard thing.Each can be configured many different ways so a checklist isn't worth anything. If one is smart, they make up their own when they configure their servers as part of network documentation.

Best Practice exists, but it's on Microsoft's site and it's seperate best practices for each type of server. Even then it's very generic best practice.

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by dallas In reply to Better to makeup your own

Thanks, I wasn't looking for a final solution, but a starting point. The system where I work was set up by someone else who did not leave good documentation behind. I am a Linux guy who is trying to understand what this is all about.
As for the Microsoft site info, do you mean the Windows Server System Reference Architecture or is there another I have missed? I have been through that and it seems of little help. Maybe what I'm looking for is buried in there somewhere, and I just have to take the time to dig it out. I've been at this a while and haven't made my boss happy yet.

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Best place to start

by CG IT In reply to windows server/exchange 2 ...

here's a link to MS Technet which imo is the best place to start

find W2003 Server in the left side of the side and click it. On that web page you'll find the technical library. Deployment and Operations categories, white papers will probably give you a starting point on best practice. Do the same for Exchange.

If you don't know anything about Exchange, I'd suggest one of the microsoft press self paced study guides. Get a test network up and follow the guide in setting up, configuring Exchange. It'll give you a basic understanding of how exchange works.

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thanks again

by dallas In reply to Best place to start

I've actually already checked there, that's where I've started. The ms-guide sounds good, I was considering getting some of that series for cetification purposes anyway.

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