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    Windows server will not boot from RAID 1 array


    by allan macdonald ·

    I have a Windows 2003 server w/ Intel MB & imbedded SATA RAID controller set up w/ 2 drives in RAID 1 booting the O/S. I have a 2nd RAID controller set up w/ 3 drives in RAID 5. I updated the driver for the 2nd RAID controller, now server will not boot. I get an error message no o/s detected. I think when I updated the driver it hosed the boot config for the imbedded controller (ie. destroyed the driver). I can boot into recovery console and see contents of Windows directory. How does Windows access the driver for the boot RAID controller and how do I fix it?

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      by allan macdonald ·

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      Having the same problem

      by wsleng ·

      In reply to Windows server will not boot from RAID 1 array

      My situation is same as your:
      Window 2003; intel MB with raid controller as raid 1 (2 sata hd); 3ware raid 5 (7 sata hd); failed during installation.
      I press F6 during installation of windows 2003, loaded the intel raid driver, create partition, format hard drive, then windows setup copy installation files and reboot.

      When windows setup boot up, during loading driver prompt me an error message: ‘Section Files.SCI.MegaIDE_NT5 of the inf file is invalid’, follow by another err msg: ‘file caused an unexpected error(8) line 2240 in d:\srve3rtm\base\setup\oemdisk.c’

      I have been doing research for these few weeks, still unable to solve. Can any one help us on this issue? Thanks a lot.

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