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    Windows Services


    by jimklallsoo ·

    I am looking to have a windowsXP service set to start automatic on 50 or so Pc’s in our organization.

    I know i can remote control into them and do it this way but ideally what i would like to know is if there is anyway to do all 50 at once rather than individually.

    Most Pc’s are XP sp2 but some are XP sp1

    Any assistance greatly appreciated

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      by jimklallsoo ·

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      Use SC in a bat file

      by ic-it ·

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      You could use the SC command in a bat file or run it in a startup script. Here is an example with notes.

      sc config
      This command has a number of functions but one is to determine the status of a service at system startup. A service can be set to run automatically, manually or not at all. The commands are

      sc config ServiceName start= flag

      Here ServiceName is the name of the service and flag has one of the values auto, demand. or disabled . For example, to set a service to run manually the command is
      sc config ServiceName start= demand
      Note that there must be a space after the equals sign. The correct value for the parameter ServiceName may not always be obvious and the next command can be used to find it for all services.

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      In a Domain?

      by smilingsheep ·

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      You can use a GPO if the computers are in a domain. Computer Config, Windows Settings, Security Settings, System Services. Choose the service, enter parameters and change the pull-down to force the service to start at system start-up.

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