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    Windows Sever 2003 Routing


    by nmavuso ·

    I need help configuring a Server running Windows Server 2003 to route traffic between 2 IP address ranges.
    The primary network runs on a 10.2.3.*. Everything in our organisation runs on this range.
    The server has 2 NIC’s and I have assigned a 10.2.4.* IP address range on NIC 1 and assigned a 10.2.3.* IP Address range on NIC2.

    I have installed a Windows XP machine and gave it a static address of 10.2.4.*.

    How do I enable routing on the Server so that the PC’s 10.2.3.* IP range can see the 10.2.4.* network and vice versa.
    I have enabled Routing on the server but I still routing is not happening

    the NIC’s are configured as follows:
    NIC1 :
    NIC2 :

    PLEASE HELP ME…Is it possible to route traffice without buying a router.

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