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    Windows shortcuts


    by will_mansell ·

    I’m looking for a utility that will look at the contents, (specifically the path to executable) of a *.lnk and output to a file.

    Any ideas?


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      Windows shortcuts

      by clarkmk ·

      In reply to Windows shortcuts

      There doesn’t appear to be a good way to transfer search results from the Windows ‘Find’ utility. (I tried to outsmart it, but failed)

      Unfortunately, some programmer is probably going to have to write this. The program needs to use the Windows API functions ‘FindFirstFile()/FindNextFile()’ to
      build a list of all files with an extention of .LNK, and save the list in a file.

      You could do this in Visual C++, Visual Basic, or any other development system which allows you to access Windows API functions.

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