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    Windows Socket Programming


    by globaldefenses ·

    Would someone who is into socket
    programming please tell me:

    1. What is the most powerful language for this right now?

    2. Is significantly more
    powerful than ordinary VB for this

    I want to develop an internet-based multi-user application.


    Fred McGinnis
    Los Angeles, CA

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      by globaldefenses ·

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      Nothing to do with VB

      by tony hopkinson ·

      In reply to Windows Socket Programming

      If you are doing .net then the power is in the .net component you choose to use. So that becomes framework dependant. WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) in .NET 3.5 will give you considerably more options.

      Straight VB is a total non starter for this sort of application, it doesn’t have threading, don’t even try.

      As for most powerful, well if you want it raw then C/C++ is what you want, but that will require a significant amount of ability. The question you should be asking is will the ‘off the shelf’ framework compoents do the job, before you start re-inventing that wheel.
      Try it with components first, get all the doings around it going them if you need to go under hood, all you will be writing is your own socket components. Best way to prepare for that is to stick everything to do with socket comms in it’s own module and then whether you use MS, yours or any other will be competely transparent to what you you want to communicate.

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        by globaldefenses ·

        In reply to Nothing to do with VB

        Okay. I guess another way of stating my confusion is this: Why can’t you use VB if you have well-written objects, which do the socket manipulation, to link to? It seems that you should be able to call a DLL like CHILKAT which does the work, no?

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