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Windows sounds/Internet sounds won't play

By Grizzley0105 ·
Alright, I'm extremely frustrated. I've always been able to fix computer issues I may be experiencing at any one time, but for the life of me I cannot figure what is causing the windows audio scheme sounds and internet sound to not play. Windows media player can play songs fine. Speakers play the sound. So will winamp and all other media devices on my computer. Everything works fine except for windows audio scheme and internet sound.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled macromedia flash player. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling my entire OS. I've tried updating the audio codecs/drivers for my onboard sound card. I've tried doing a repair installation of windows xp pro (my os). I've tried removing all malware, adware, pups ect. I've gone into the registry and edited the wavemapper string value with the help of one of my techy friends. I've tried updating windows with everything they offer for audio. I've downloaded updates from my motherboards manufacturers site (asus M2N-E). I've checked to see if there are any hardware conflicts or any problems w/ software. I've tried downloading other audio filter programs and other audio codecs. Nothing to this point has worked. I would greatly appreciate any help that anyone out there could give me. I know alot of other people out there have this problem because I've read many forums, but none of the solutions that have worked for others have worked for me. If anyone out there can help me I would really really appreciate it.

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Sounds like a tough one....

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Windows sounds/Internet s ...

no pun intended.

Since Windows events are WAV files as you already evidently know, I am curious to know what the Wave/MP3 slider is set to in the system volume control panel.
Also what player are WAV files associated with? Winamp or some other media player may have changed that association when it was installed.

It's best to have WAV files associated with Windows MediaPlayer. What version of MediaPlayer are you using? The newest is 11.

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by Grizzley0105 In reply to Sounds like a tough one.. ...

wav files are associated w/ windows media player 11, I only use winamp for mp3 and mpg files

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Ever get it fixed?

by DanVukosic In reply to Sounds like a tough one.. ...

I am experiencing the exact same issue (sounds working for Media Player, but not Windows sounds or internet sounds)on one of my XP machines. Did you ever end up finding out how to resolve the issue?

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by Grizzley0105 In reply to Ever get it fixed?

I went through everything software related to fix my problem and nothing worked, I tried at least 10 in depth processes others suggested and nothing was working. So I decided to check hardware and started looking at my manufacturers web pages. Just for shits n giggles I wanted to see if I could hear through my head phones through the headphone jack on top of my tower and sound would come out. I checked the other ports of my computer to see if something was wired improperly. It turns out my motherboard's onboard sound card is set up for either desktop speakers, 6.1 or 7.1 HD surround sound. I have a 5.1 surround sound setup. I have two of my speakers pluged into the wrong port in the back now and they play sound, I'm looking into surround sound packages. If you haven't tried this website I'd recommend it: www.nosystemsounds.com It might help. If you aren't experiencing any conflicts in device manager and you've updated your drivers go to geekstogo.com, they're pretty helpful and there is already a forum discussion with some other guy whose experiencing the same problem and they have many other fixes suggested there. Don't go to my discussion there, they haven't gotten back to me, they helped someone else out alot though.

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I was going insane. This finally solve it for me (Win XP):

Installs driver into registry:


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Zombie alert!

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Solution


Dood/ette. Your username is so freaking long it screws up the forum door display.

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