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By magnus_mann ·
Hey :)
I have a problem with my computer when it starts up. I enter Windows and my desktop appears. Then, the Norman startup window pops up. When it's gone again, and everything seems to be ready for me to use the PC normally, I have to wait for about 4-5 minutes until the processor calms down. It will not stop making "working" sounds, just as if it was "super"-busy opening programs or something. If I try opening a program or a folder in this period of time, the PC is working very slowly until the application opens.
I have Norman AntiVirus installed. I also have Ad-Aware 2007, Spy Bot and CCleaner. My PC works perfectly in every other way except for the startup. In "msconfig", the "general" tab is set to "selective" and "use modified boot.ini", and I think that is from a time when I had some problems with an error message appearing at the starup, long time ago. Maybe that is the problem..?
I don't have many programs installed, I have tried the "WinPatrol", and I don't think I have many processes going on at startup. I don't have any virus either. Not a long time ago, I had a defragmentation. What should I do to get my PC back to normal startup speed?
I really hope you can help me, of course! That would be great! Thank you :)

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a few things

by ashij In reply to Windows startup


there might be many possibilities as to why your starup time is this much. First of all I have never used Norman antivirus myself, so have no idea how it behaves during startup. In most cases it's the Anti-virus program which makes the computer slow.
Under msconfig go to the startup tab and see what programs are listed to strat during boot up. Uncheck the ones that you do not want (google it if you are in doubt or ask at TR)
The new AdAware also has a fancy way of doing things, different from the old versions. Check if Ad-Aware is starting up (or related process) during startup.
Besides this you might also want to check the startup programs (Start -> All Programs -> Startup)
Defragmentation is very helpful, but after you have checked all the above, run the Windows Cleaner Utility (cleanmgr.exe)

I might have missed some point, but I am sure, either me or someone else might also reply with their ideas.

- Ash

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Thanks man

by magnus_mann In reply to a few things

Hey, and thanks for the tips!
My PC is acting better now. I tried some of the stuff you recommended. I also downloaded WinPatrol, and it has some disable-startup-programs-function. But, really, I don't know the actual cause of the slow startup. Anyway, things seem to work better now :)
I have read that Norton is making the startup time long, but I have had Norman for a long time, so it should not suddenly begin to have effects on my system.
Have a nice day!!

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I use this tool.

by Virtual1 In reply to Windows startup

by Mike Lin @

It's faster than any other tool I've ever used.

Startup Control Panel is a nifty control panel applet that allows you to easily configure which programs run when your computer starts. It's simple to use and, like all my programs, it's very small and won't burden your system.

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