Windows Steadystate 2.5

By Snuffy09 ·
XP Home 32 bit

I need to configure this software for a user that needs to block porn and other content on the internet. They also need to control session time (that part was easy).

Under Feature Restrictions you can allow web sites, but is there a way to block by content?

Also if you need to allow more than one site how do you list it? like this? ",,"?


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Not sure about Steadystate 2.5 but.....

by ---TK--- In reply to Windows Steadystate 2.5

If you need to block content, you can do it in the browser. (IE) Tools > Internet Options > Content > Content Advisor > Enable. Go into the settings, 2nd tab, you can create a list of approved and disapproved websites. 1st tab you can set the rating levels... ect... from there you can also set a Supervisor password to release the restrictions (at will)... I would lock down the browser then restrict the user from changing settings with in the group policy. Or you might be able to lock it down with Steadystate 2.5...? Just another option to venture down if need be.

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by Daniel.Muzrall In reply to Not sure about Steadystat ...

for the content blocking portion check out OpenDNS at

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by Snuffy09 In reply to Windows Steadystate 2.5

First I tried windows steadystate
This program works well if you want to secure computers and do not have a server or active directory group policies. However the website filtering part of this software is flaky. You can allow a domain like yahoo or msn but you only get text when you browse the sites and you cannot ad a domain with a wildcard *. I ended up just leaving steady state on for the session timer feature.

Was more than I thought the user/owner could administer but I tried it anyways. After I set it up is still had some loopholes that allowed me to sites it shouldn?t.

IE8 content adviser
I had kinda the same problem using this as I did using steady state where you could manually allow sites such as msn but when you browsed the site many links would be broken even when using wildcards *. Another thing, after setting the content sliders you could visit a safe site but the site would not be rated, 98% of the safe sites I tried to visit were not rated and if you uncheck allow user to visit unrated sites it defeats the purpose of the whole idea.

K9 Web Protection - Bluecoat software

This software works great for what I needed.
You can select from many categories of content you want to block. It is easy for any user to administer and monitor. It even keeps a log that you can review sites that have been visited and sites that have attempted to be visited. The software is free

I am saying all this hoping to save somebody lots of time that is in a similar situation. I highly recommend k9 for home use web protection/filtering.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Conclusion(s)

for the update! Im going to save that find, for future ref. :)

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glad it helped

by Snuffy09 In reply to Thanks....

I spent at least an hour last night trying to find the right "fit." I can see this software working great for all Customers/users with family computers they want to protect.

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