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Windows' "Sticky" Applet

By edward.j.obrien ·
Greg Shultz, whom I very much admire - I say this to avoid any impression I am criticising him - suggests we can make life easier by utilising this 'useful tool'.

I for one, hate the Windows version. Even how to launch it has to be learnt and remembered. No simple one click here!

For years now I have used the free download version from: http://www.zhornsoftware.co.uk/stickies/
which does everything the Windows applet does and much more. I actually made a donation to their website as a sign of my gratitude for this extremely ueful tool.

Their "Stickies" places a small icon in the Notification Box(systray)from which a single click launches a sticky ready for use. The sticky can be left on the desktop as a continuous reminder, or set to appear at any time in the future: hours, days, weeks, months and even years!

Colour, style, fomatting etc are all available and especially the ability to instantly (single right click) view all your stickies, manage them and edit them. The "Options" list seems endless, even down to setting the co-ordinates for where the sticky appears on the desktop.

Take a look. I assure you I have no connection whatever to www.zhornsoftware.co.uk, but, if like me, you do download and use this remarkable little tool, I think you too may feel inclined to make a small donation.

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smart card

by angal1007 In reply to Windows' "Sticky" Applet

Hat?s off. Well done, as we know that ?hard work always pays off?,
after a long struggle with sincere effort it?s done.
<a href="http://www.smart-card.com" rel="dofollow">smart card</a>
Does anyone know where I can find deep technical information about smart cards?. I'm doing a report for the company I'm working for.

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Should reply to Greg's article.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Windows' "Sticky" Applet

Is there a reason you didn't reply directly to Greg's article? That would have given your response greater visibility to those interested in the subject, and have given Greg a better opportunity to respond.

It's always better to reply to an existing topic than start a new one on the same subject, especially if responding to the author.

That said, I agree regarding Windows applets. I dislike them as a waste of screen space and CPU. When we deploy W7 here, I intend to disable them. Fortunately, most of the advantages Greg points out can be achieved with other tools. These include Notepad or, if using Office 07 or 10, OneNote.

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