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    Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 backup


    by silspd ·

    I work for a small archtectural firm. At the moment, we have 3 computers that all of our drawings files are stored on, each with different drawings. These files are constantly being updated and changed by each of the drafters over the network. There are 4 draftsman.

    The system as you can imagine is stupid, so what’s gonna happen is that I am going to purchase a Dell server storage system with the above OS. We are a small business with only 4 people working on the files at a time, if that. I set up a system on the Dell website with 2 80 gig hard drives in software raid. Our files in total barely stretch out beyond 15 gigs total. We also have an external USB drive at the moment thats unused

    What I wanted to know is whether i can have all our files backed up on either the external HD or another computer on the network using just the built in OS software. By backup i mean real-time backup of files.

    WSS2k3R2 also has the recovery system, and i wondered if i can use either the external hd or network pc for that.

    I just cant seem to find any information at all on WSS2k3R2. Maybe someone can direct me to a real fact sheet or online manual. Windows website does have anything i can find but i can be wrong.

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      by g… ·

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      Win 2k3 has a backup utility (probably not the best in the world but sounds enough for you). It can backup nearly everything from the server even the config of the server If you wish. If it’s just the file you want to backup, it’s good enough and you could put it on the external drive. It will work.
      I also guess that you got a backup software with your disk. It could be an idea to check the possibilities there as well.
      Most os those programs also have the ability to backup on network drives and things like that.

      Now, you asked about real-time backup so I guess you mean that you want to backup the files as soon as they are saved on your server… Then the windows software can’t do that (anyway not that I know) and it’s not very good for schedule jobs.
      So I actually use retrospect. And it can make some scripts to schedule backup of files that have been changed every day (and much more)

      Hope it helps

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      Reply To: Windows Storage Server 2003 R2 backup

      by cg it ·

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      I would just go with a SAN or RAS instead of investing in a server. Since you mention that the files aren’t that big, retrieval times wouldn’t suffer with a SAN/RAS.

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