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windows strange behavior

By allouh4 ·
Im using microsoft windows xp sp2 and p4 cpu.
My windows start behave strangely when i run windows for long time (windows fade out, windows cut half, windows disappeare,taskbar icons disappear....).
This screenshot describes what happend
This problem temporary disappeare when i force explorer.exe to close and run it again.
This usually happend when i browse the internet and check my files in HDD.
i formated my HDD but the problem still exist.
i appreciate any help.

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by NZ_Justice In reply to windows strange behavior

from looking at you screen dump your problem is probably bticommet, It probably has a memory leak (the app just keeps sucking available free memory till you run out) to check this just open task manger select the process tab sort the process by memory used and watch the ones at the top expand in mem usage, any app that does this has a memory leek. try utorrent it doesn't leek memory as bad as bitcommet.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to windows strange behavior


As well as trying the suggestion above, make sure that your graphic card/onboard video drivers are up to date. Also, if you use a lot of your available resources (CPU and RAM, but especially CPU), then you will see symptoms like this.

Open Task Manager and see which applications are using the highest amount of CPU and RAM. You may need to close one or two to prevent this from happening again.

Good luck

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