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    windows strating problems


    by manish.manupathak ·

    i m using windows….. but from last 2-3 days when i start my pc den windows start in 30-40 minutes nd after strating d pc whenever i want to open my drive den its nt be opened nd msg comes for formating draive.
    nw i hav completely format my pc,after completing d format,pc runs very well but after sum tym dis start hangin problem nd when i restart pc den again it repeat d same problems(start in 30-40 minutes).dis problems continuein in cyclic order.
    i think my hard disk is fine due to chkdsk command,after dis command it shows some indexing nd file problem but dis command recover that file nd indexes.i m nt understanding wht is happening…..
    wht i do???
    plsss reply me… soon as possible…

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      by manish.manupathak ·

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      IF chkdsk reported problems…..

      by thumbsup2 ·

      In reply to windows strating problems

      …. there are problems, even if it was able to recover. A freshly formatted hard drive shouldn’t have problems at all. Your hard drive is probably in the process of failing.

      Do you hear any sounds coming from the hard drive durring this 30-40 minutes of boot up? Like clicking noises?

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        Yep. Indexing difficulty is a sure sign …

        by older mycroft ·

        In reply to IF chkdsk reported problems…..

        That the drive is on the way out.

        The indexing problems are occurring because chkdsk has reclaimed erratic files during its scan, but within a short period of time the placement of these files is happening over other corrupted areas of the disk.

        This situation will become increasingly worse until data retrieval will become almost impossible. Better to cut and run, buy a new hard drive and transfer data over to it while you still can.

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