windows/system32/config/system corrupted

By jeffreyalejo ·
My nephew encountered this problem with his netbook. I fixed this using the Windows Xp CD and used the Recovery Console. I replaced the corrupted file by typing:

c:\windows\repair\system c:\windows\system32\config\system

After a few days, the error suddenly appeared again. I did the procedure above and was able to fix the problem. But it keeps on coming back.

What could be the possible cause of this problem?

Note: I also examined the netbook itself. Based on my observations, whenever I switch-on the unit, I hear a strange sound(scratches) inside it. I suspect a Hard Disk problem here but I'm not sure.

Thank you in advance.



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Jeff here you need to test the HDD ideally with it's makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to windows/system32/config/s ...

But you can use something like the Ultimate Boot CD to test the HDD it's available free here


The Ultimate Boot has the more common HDD Makers Testing utilities but if you know who makes the HDD you can use it's makers Testing Utility from here


Sounds as if the HDD or it's controller is failing and the NetBook needs repairing to prevent Data Loss.


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I'll try this sir

by jeffreyalejo In reply to Jeff here you need to tes ...

and post the result here. Thank you for sharing this info.

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Testing Result

by jeffreyalejo In reply to Jeff here you need to tes ...

I tried the UBCB to test the Hard Disk but it says that the there are no errors in the disk. I tried the last option if I remember it correctly (the one with VIVA or something like that)under HDD.

By the way, the brand of the Hard Disk is Toshiba.



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OK then you have sort of ruled out Hardware Problems

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Testing Result

So look at Software issues. I would be looking for a Infection so a rebuild may be in order here.

Or maybe a scan with one of the Boot Disc's mentioned here may be helpful


Yep I realize you'll have to make a USB Thumb Drive but the idea's the same.


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Backup NOW!

by oldbaritone In reply to windows/system32/config/s ...

Sounds like something is on its last legs, close to croaking.

Back Up all of your data while the machine is still working! That way, if it's the HDD that needs replacement, you'll be all set and won't lose anything.

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Thanks for the reply

by jeffreyalejo In reply to Backup NOW!
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Some notebook drives do make strange noises

by robo_dev In reply to windows/system32/config/s ...

apparently in order to save battery and reduce the risk of data loss due to impact, some drives are set to goto sleep almost instantly, so you hear a little tch, tch, sound every minute or so as it parks the heads.

However, backup never hurts.

The corrupted registry could be a result of a failing hard drive, some software issue, or even the user banging the PC around.

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Thank you for the informations

by jeffreyalejo In reply to Some notebook drives do m ...

Initially, I suspect a software issue here. I reformatted the Hard Disk and installed the needed drivers without installing any software. I observed the unit for a few days and the error came back. From there, I decided to use the Recovery Console (repair). It works but the error came back after a few days.

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Aside from all the excellent suggestions here,

by seanferd In reply to windows/system32/config/s ...

what is the actual problem? I see that the registry hive is reportedly corrupted, but what are the symptoms? What error messages or entries in the event logs are there?

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Thanks for the reply....

by jeffreyalejo In reply to Aside from all the excell ...

Unfortunately, I'm not able to see the Error Messages in the Event Logs because I can't log in to windows. The only thing I know is that both Safe Mode and Last Known Good Configurations isn't working.

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