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windows task mgr for my desktop

By tsolder ·
I'm looking for a simple app that acts like windows task mgr. I want to be able to quickly see my pc's performance level, especially while running other programs.

Problem I'm having on several diff pcs is extreme slowness. Lots of times the hdd lite is on steady-ish.

When I access wtm, 1st, it takes forever to load up, and 2nd, when it does load up it shows cpu usage is >90%, so something's going on. Usually, nothing shows in apps tab. The list of processes doesn't help me much, except to see which apps are highly active. Since I don't really know what's necessary etc, I can't evaluate what I see running.

I hope having this app would help me ts memory, hdd, unwanted process problems, and correct these issues.

What's available as a freebee? (or am I ok just using wtm?)

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You can find out more with other task managers.

by seanferd In reply to windows task mgr for my d ...

But I don't know if there is a desktop widget taskmanager with some sort of optimizer built in.

Autoruns startup tool

process explorer task manager

process monitor in depth logging/monitoring

Dtaskmanager - another one

Daphne - yet another

I think you'll do best with autoruns. Turn off all the junk that starts with the computer, but is not always needed. Quicktime, iTunes, printer monitor - the typical stuff that likes to live in the system tray.

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