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    Windows unable to format Drive???


    by fairoozs ·

    my CPU config:
    Pentium 4, 2.0GHz, 512 RAM, 40 GB Hard Disk

    my CPU was infected by virus (lots of them), so i Decided to format and reinstall XP…but the system didnt allow me so I made free another Drive (E) and installed XP in it, later i had to manually delete all my folders from C drive but there are two Sub Folders i can not delete, and for these two sub folders i cant even Format C Drive. These two subfolders dont show their names…and the ‘show hidden files’ dont work in the folder tools. Probably it said there are some agents in it which i cant c (since they are hidden inside those sub folders) my C is NTFS, any possible way to get rid of this situation will be helpful especially the procedure to format C Drive.

    P.S: two avp.exe run from boot up and i dont know wat they are

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      by fairoozs ·

      In reply to Windows unable to format Drive???


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      This will help you and your computer…

      by Anonymous ·

      In reply to Windows unable to format Drive???

      Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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      Get a boot disk

      by selltekk ·

      In reply to Windows unable to format Drive???

      Get a win98/95 boot floppy (assuming that you have a floppy drive) and fdisk the drive. That should work.

      Or, get a knoppix disk and use it to format the hdd.

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        by fairoozs ·

        In reply to Get a boot disk

        i m a home user and a noob…sorry to bother…but wat is a knoppix disk?

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          It is a Live Linux

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to knoppix?

          These run off the CD and allow the system to start in Linux in this case the Knoppix Brand of Distro or company offering that version of Linux.

          It is available from here to download free.

          Products like this allow you to start the computer to test and change Passwords or recover Data without the need to load Windows, which may be corrupt preventing the owner access the Data on the HDD.


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      A couple of things that you should know first

      by oh smeg ·

      In reply to Windows unable to format Drive???

      If you Format the C Partition you’ll not be able to boot the system as the Starting Files for all OS’s are stored here. So no Starting Files not Booting the system doesn’t matter what OS is in use it’s a Hardware issue plain & simple.

      Now the correct way to proceed here is to wipe the HDD with either a DOS Boot Disc worst choice or a Wiping Utility that writes zeros to every sector of the HDD and destroys any infections that may still reside on the HDD. But that will wipe the entire Drive no just the C Partition and because of the previous infections is the way to proceed if you want to keep a clean system

      Boot & Nuke can be used to wipe a HDD and you can get a Boot Version of it here but you’ll have to alter the BIOS in your computer to boot off a Optical Drive first.

      If you don’t have a Floppy Drive use the CD Version of the Utility and if you do have a Floppy Drive download the Floppy Version and use a Windows Boot Disc.

      Before proceeding though Backup all your Data & Settings to prevent any Data Loss and then do a Clean Install on what looks like a New Blank Disc to the Windows Installer.


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        by fairoozs ·

        In reply to A couple of things that you should know first

        sorry to bother … i m a noob home user
        i can boot…i already installed XP in E partition, wat i want to do is only Format C partition, if my entire Disk is wiped, it will be a great loss, coz i cant Back Up my Files…no extra storage. Booting is no problem and i tried to format C partition, it just wont allow me…thx for the reply but is it possible to format only C somehow…

        you know anything about avp.exe???
        my system is not allowing me to install JRE even…really in trouble 🙁 cant even practice Java

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          What I’m trying to say here is

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to thanx…but…

          If you format the C Partition you will no longer be able to Boot the System.

          There are Startup Files stored on the C Partition which I dare say are the ones that you are trying to remove that if not present will prevent the system from starting up.

          You really need to backup all your Data & Settings because there are only two types of Computer User those who have lost all their Data already and those who are going to. So no matter what you do you need to expect to Loose Data. What you need to do is as much as possible to mitigate the loss when it happens. I’ve recently seen a Good Power Supply fail and take out the HDD as well as the M’Board and Video Card. If there had of been no backup available to work with the owner would have been up for the price of a Data Recovery House to recover the Dead HDD which would have been somewhere around the $46,000.00 mark. Several $200.00 HDD’s fitted to a $50.00 USB Cases has no expense when compared to the cost of recovering Data off a Failed HDD.

          Many Domestic users don’t backup their data and them bitterly complain and expect the Data to be recovered for free when something goes wrong. Hardware does fail with an alarming regularly and it’s important to Backup all your Data. With Business Systems they realize that the computer hardware is worth nothing the entire costs are contained on the HDD as Data. You can replace several complete Servers for less than the cost of requiring a Failed HDD to have the Data on it recovered. So under those conditions why would anyone take the risk of loosing their Data?

          Sure if you only play games and do a bit of browsing who cares about High Scores but as you have already said [i]if my entire Disk is wiped, it will be a great loss[/i] which indicates that you consider your Data as Valuable and not just the High Scores on games. It’s nothing but False Economy not having a Backup Procedure in place even if it’s only writing all the Data to Recordable CD’s and then storing the recorded CD’s in a Dark Place out of Direct Sunlight.

          AS for avp.exe this is a description of what it does and what uses it [i]avp.exe is a process belonging to Kaspersky Internet Security Suite which protects your computer against Internet-bound threats such as spyware and trojans which can be distributed through e-mail or attack directly to the computer allowing unauthorized access to your computer. This program is important for the stable and secure running of your computer and should not be terminated.[/i]

          If you want to know what any EXE does download yourself a copy of Process Quicklink from here

          Open the Task Manager and then the Running Process if you then click on the individual process a Web Site will then open telling you what that particular process is.


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          by fairoozs ·

          In reply to What I’m trying to say here is

          thx for the help…i really appreciate it…
          i will back up my data watever it takes…

          talking about avp.exe…does it restrict me from installing anything…after all this happened i cudnt install Acrobat Reader and Java Runtime Env…and many other necessary programs

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          The EXE is part of the Kaspersky Internet Security Suite

          by oh smeg ·

          In reply to thx

          So if you have Kaspersky correctly installed and configured it shouldn’t pose a problem.

          However with all Windows User Accounts you should be logged in with Admin Privileges when you are installing programs. If you log in without Admin Privileges you will be unable to install any software or run quite a few utilities like Speed Disk.


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