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Windows Update

By huyn ·

If I could like to Automatic Windows Update for 50 client windows 2K and XP how do i do this?
Users did not have administrator right.
I have windows server 2003.

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Not sure you can fully automate

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Windows Update

Others with more knowledge in this area will likely but in soon, but the only way I have seen the updates handled in networks like this is for the administrator to have an updates folder for each operating system. They then go onto the Microsoft Windows update downloads web site and download the individual update patches that they want. They then make a few file name changes in a script they have for each operating system, and set the scripts running. Later in the evening when the users have logged off for the day the script remotely access each computer as an administrator and runs the patches it has been told to run, then reboots the computer.

Once you write the scripts and download the patches the rest is automated.

I have heard that there are now some applications to do this for you but I have not heard their names or seen them in use.

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Microsoft SUS may be the answer

by duane.bell In reply to Windows Update


I think what you might be looking for is Microsoft SUS (Software Update Service). We are currently testing it out with a few machines (servers and workstations) and it working quite nicely.

Just do a search on Microsoft's web site for "SUS"

Not sure about users requiring Local Admin rights


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by hugh In reply to Windows Update

Its pretty easy. You can use the SUS. Or you can just go and login to each system, and make sure the AutoUpdates are set for say 3am. All you do is right click on MyComputer then go to Properties, then to AutomaticUpdates and set it for what time. I have almost 1000 2k/XP systems and they are all set for that. Its not hard to do, just take some time and do it. Also you can add the users network login to the local machine and give it local admin access. Its a bit tricky on 2k but with Xp all you have to do is login, then go to users in the control panel and click add. Then just enter the Username and the Domain name, choose the access level and your set. Easy as pie...

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