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Windows Update causes Error

By pcmaster ·
I've been fighting a problem for sometime and found the solution, but now I don't know if it needs to be reported...nor do I know how to.

When installing Windows 2000 Pro on any machine, I always install all the updates (Windows Update) recommended by the Microsoft Site. I was getting an error in my event log ID 1000 regarding the Userenv. It says it wouldn't let go of the registry. I reinstalled service packs up to 3 to resolve as stated in the knowledge base articles, but didn't fix it. Then I realized the hot fix Q328310 was the source of the problem. Once removed, the problem quit. Will Microsoft fix it or how do we report it to them.

Has anyone else had the same problem?


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Tell Microsoft

by jardinier In reply to Windows Update causes Err ...

Microsoft openly admit that their software (especially OSs) is released with any number of potential bugs. They rely on end-user feedback to find these bugs and figure out fixes for them. I am sure the same applies if the fix has a bug too. I have just made a quick visit to and there is an option "Write Us." When I opened this, it appeared that they were just drooling at the mouth to receive feedback. They probably won't give you a free box of chocolates, but I'm sure theywill be glad to hear from you.

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by tk3423 In reply to Windows Update causes Err ...

Microsoft has released a fix on the Windows Update site - 814995.

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814955 For XP

by pcmaster In reply to fix

Thanks for the reply, but it appears that hotfix 814955 is only intended for Windows XP. I'm having the problem with Windows 2000. And as of yet, the problem persists.

Thanks again.

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by tk3423 In reply to 814955 For XP

Sorry, I thought it was for both operating systems.

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