windows update confused

By wriver11 ·
Windows updat thinks I am runing an Apple os I am running XP.Help Dased and Confused.

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The new Apples can run XP on them

by OH Smeg In reply to windows update confused

However if the Windows Updater is seeing your XP install as some form of Apple product it's been corrupted by something and needs to be reinstalled.

To do this on a PC not a Mac you need to wipe th HDD and reformat the drive then install the OS & Software

Boot & Nuke a Wiping utility is available here

To format the HDD you use the Windows Install CD.

If you are running XP on a Apple you need to tell us how it's setup and on what. Some older Apple Products needed some serious changes to the OS and if this is the case you could be stuck with what you have and no chance to patch it automatically. However you can still manually download the Patches and install them

M$ is about to change this site so you should download what you need ASAP.


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by wriver11 In reply to windows update confused

I am runing on a PC

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Well in that case something has damaged the Windows install

by OH Smeg In reply to PC

Start off with Backing up your Data and then Wiping the HDD with something to **** away all traces of the previous installation Boot & Nuke works but if you have something else that will be fine but you do need to remove the entire Partition Information from the HDD not just run Format as this doesn't write to every sector of the HDD.

Once you have Windows installed add a AV Product to prevent any Infection and update it. After that you can install any Drivers for Windows and add your Software and then when everything is working properly start to apply the Windows Updates.

But just a word of warning here whatever it was that corrupted the System originally shouldn't be reapplied as the chance of this happening again are way to great so do not install any Apple Software onto the system.


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you could try this before reformating

by Sue T In reply to windows update confused

run sfc /scannow from a command prompt. This is the system file checker and it will replace any bad/corrupt system files which could fix your problem. If you received a Windows XP cd with your computer you could try reinstalling over top of your current installation which will not get rid of any of your data or programs and may fix the problem. If you know when you were last able to do updates you could also try doing a system restore to then and see if that fixes your problem.

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