Windows Update Crashes

By k_lewis ·
I don't know why I keep getting involved with these things, but I volunteered to clear my brother and sister-in-law's machine of the numerous viruses and spyware that had overtaken their machine. (nieces downloading junk!)

Anyway, I believe that I've ridded the machine of most of the little buggers and put some safeguards in place, but now I'm down to two windows updates - the IE 7 and kb922582 (which is supposed to resolve a problem of NOT being able to install updates as I understand it!)

The files download, but as soon as they begin to install, the system crashes and restarts. Then I get the familiar box that says "windows has recovered from a serious error". The update log indicates error ox8007007E, and I've attempted some tweaks recommended by an online techie to no avail.

Has anyone dealt with this and found a good solution - short of reformatting?!

Thank you!!

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No guarentee

by Tig2 In reply to Windows Update Crashes

You might want to try running CCleaner and see if there is a hook left in the registry that didn't get wiped with your other cleaning efforts. My experience has been that there are numerous fragments in the registry that can play havoc with your system.

You can find CCleaner at

Hope this helps!

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Crap Cleaner

by k_lewis In reply to No guarentee

I've heard of it, but that's one of the few tools I haven't yet run. I'll give it a try this evening!


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IE 7 install crash

by mark In reply to Windows Update Crashes

YOu might try booting to safe mode and then rerunning your antispyware and AV. Sounds like IE6 is still hosed/ hijacked. You tend to get rid of the worst stuff by running in safe mode. YOu might also try doing the updates in safe mode and see if that works. If not I would do a repair of XP or use SFC (system file checker) and then try the updates again.

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System File Checker

by k_lewis In reply to IE 7 install crash

Ran everything in safe mode, but Windows gets a bit cranky when you try to load updates in safe mode - it refused.

System File Checker seemed to run flawlessly but no solution to the problem.

Thanks for you input!

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Same problem!

by fili.perez In reply to System File Checker

I have the exact same problem (IE 7 and kb922582) but also with trying to install WMP11 and Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool.

I've tried everything: CCleaner, Spybot, Ad-aware, Zone Alarm, AVG, Avast, Safe-mode, etc... with no luck. :-(

Has any one else had this problem?


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by fili.perez In reply to Same problem!

Check this out:

The solution posted there solved my 4-month problem.


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More info please

by Charlest In reply to Solution!

I'm working on the same bug, and followed your link to the other discussion group, but there we a number of suggestions for a fix. What did you actually use? Please!!

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by fili.perez In reply to More info please

The one I followed was the post from "Niobis" 11. October 2006 @ 02:18

Basically, I just used the AVG Antirootkit and ADS Spy. I could not get the F-Secure's BlackLight to run but it was not necessary.

Good Luck!


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by Charlest In reply to Solution

I had already killed all the virus' but the rootkit was still there. I was attaching to services.exe. McAffe was indicating that there was a buffer overflow that it was blocking, But I've heard that the dchp service does that also. Anyway - Thank you

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by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Windows Update Crashes

There is still a trojan still on your system.My advise is to backup all data onto a cd ,do a fresh install to sp2 off the internet,install antivirus.Put on the internet to do your updates,scan the cd for virus's and then restore the backup if in the clear.It is unlikely that you will be able to rectify the situation if your antivirus is not picking it up as trojans can make the anti virus ignore it as it duplicates.

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