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    Windows Update Error Message


    by dan.crank ·

    I have a Win98 / IE 5.5 machine, & when I click on the Windows Update link on the Start Menu I get the following error message:


    “Your organization has decided to provide software updates internally
    rather than though Windows Update. To download updates for your Windows
    computer, please see your Network Administrator.”

    Microsoft’s solution (Q228548) is: “Delete all the values except Default under each of the following registry keys:

    MS goes on to say you may not find all of the keys, but I didn’t find the ANY of the keys in question (\Explorer, WindowsUpdate\LocalURL, or the
    \WindowsUpdate\RemoteURL) The user hasn’t added any software since the last time he used Windows Update. I’ve cleared the cache, cookies folder, history folder, & all but one file out of the Windows Update folder(wuhistv3.log).
    I’ve even replaced winupdmgr.exe. I still get the error message even when it’s not connected to the network. I’ve contacted Dell & after some troubleshooting their solutions was to reinstall Win98, which is not what I call a solution (i didn’t need to spend a 1/2 hr on hold for that brilliant fix). Is there another key somewhere in the registry causing this? Any help would be great.

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      Windows Update Error Message

      by veetz ·

      In reply to Windows Update Error Message

      Well you might try to repair your Registry using the MicroSoft Utility. If that does not resolve your problem, you would be better served by copying all your data to your zip drive. Then format your entire hard drive and start over again.

      Once abug gets into your system, it is extremely difficult to locate it and implement the proper fix. Bear in mind also that when you fix one thing in your system, you may be creating havoc in another area of your hard drive.

      This type of problem has occurred here; after cleaning off the hard drive, the problem went away forever.

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      Windows Update Error Message

      by veetz ·

      In reply to Windows Update Error Message

      Your problem was seached out in the Windows98 Resourch Guide in the office here.

      You may want to try to repair your browser. Then if that does not help, you may want to clean out all the temporary files from Explorer 5.5. Then clear out the entire history from your browser too. Make certain that you clean it all out though.

      So far all indications are that there is some sort of bug in your browser. At least this is what is being deduced from the manual.

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