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Windows Update in XP

By d_j_owen2002 ·
I have been called in to look at a PC with XP Pro on it that will not accept windows update.
It comes up with a message that a previous update did not complete. If a manual update is tried it comes up with a message that the Cryptographic Services may not be running.
There is a Microsoft Knowledge paper on the automatic update for the first symtom and I have followed the instructions for that to no avail. I have proved the Cryptographic Services are running. The PC is set up identically to the others on the network.
It has been infected by at least MyDoom but that has been cleaned off the PC by the owner(prior to my visit). I did try to do an external virus check with Trend Micro but Active X is missing.
Next ideas from me is to attempt either a System restore back prior to the Virus attack or to put the XP Pro disk in and attempt a repair option.
Ideas and guidance welcolm.
Thanks in advance

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Windows KnowledgeBase

by SoHoHelpDesk In reply to Windows Update in XP

Not knowing all the problems with this computer and weather the OS is legal or Pirated. I would suggest going to Windows Knowledgebase as there are many articles on this Windows Update Issue, You will find your answer there for sure, as there are a few things that will cause Windows Update to not work.

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OS is legal

by d_j_owen2002 In reply to Windows KnowledgeBase

The OS is a legal copy provided with the PC by the supplier. Have spent hours on the knowledge base and have contactes MS for further advice.

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And I bet MS's advice was "RELOAD" right?

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to OS is legal

But if there has been some kind of infection that was not properly cleaned off it really might be your only alternative as you really do not know what has been removed or even partly corrupted. I suppose you could try the "Repair" option but from experience it very rarely works properly so in all likelihood it will work out faster by backing up all the data and wiping the drive/s and doing a clean install.

Unfortunately XP has a nasty habit of allowing you to reinstall it but at some point unless you have erased the drive you will end up with a "Fatal Load Error" so rather than waste your time I would just clean the drive with something like IBM's "Wipe" and do a clean install.

Maxtor and Seagate have similar products that effectively write 0's to every section of the drive so that none of the existing copy remains to damage your new install. Although both work well they do require a longer time to run that the old IBM's "Wipe" and just to speed things up if you format the drive as a FAT32 it takes far less time to install XP and latter convert the drive over to a NTFS partition.


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