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Windows Update Killed My Wireless?

By kwells1014 ·
I have a Dell laptop with a wireless card in the PCMCIA slot, running Norton Internet Security. A few weeks ago when I logged on, both Windows and Norton started their automatic updates. Windows gave me a bogus message about my OS not being a valid install or something (it's original from Dell), then my wireless card stopped communicating. Now, if I boot in Safe Mode with networking, the wireless works fine. If I boot normally, the card works fine for about 5 minutes (startup processes are still running) and I can observe traffic on the wireless connection monitor, then suddenly all the traffic counters go to zero, and communication stops, even though the status says I'm connected to the wireless network with a good connection. Is this weird or what?

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by rkuhn In reply to Windows Update Killed My ...

As a consultant, I'd hope you'd know better.

How about providing us with a tad bit more info like which updates were installed.

Also, try using msconfig and shutting down all startups and start them back up one by one to see which is the culprit.

Does the wireless not work and the wired still work?

Have you ruled out Norton? Uninstalled and reinstalled the wireless card?

More info please...

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by kwells1014 In reply to

I was not certain which updates caused this, because the updates were happening in the background and I did not watch or even go back to look. I uninstalled / reinstalled Norton and the wireless card several times to no avail. System Restore helped me through and it appears to be OK for now.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Windows Update Killed My ...

Due to it still being connected, also it works in safe mode (norton firewall may not be running). I would think that this was blocked traffic (norton firewall). Try uninstalling and reinstalling it. Also, look at the Windows firewall.
This used to happen to our department occasionally.

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by kwells1014 In reply to

I had uninstalled / reinstalled Norton several times already before I posted. System restore finally helped me out.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Windows Update Killed My ...

is this your internet connection? could you have spyware?

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by kwells1014 In reply to

I had NIS and SpySweeper both runing, so if it got through them, I don't have a 3rd plan. It seems OK now after the System Restore.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Update Killed My ...

The most likely problem is that WGA Windows Genuine Advantage has broken your system. If you do not have the option Automatic Updates turned on and allow them to auto install WGA will insist that you do not have a valid copy of Windows.

You can either turn on this or get onto Dell for a new Product Key which you can change quickly with Magic Jellybean Key finder

as WGA will insist that about 20% of the genuine installs are pirate so you need to change the product key.

Once you get the problem with WGA sorted I would uninstall the WiFi Drivers shut down and restart and then install the WiFi drivers but first I would look at the Dell Site and see if there are new drivers available for your WiFi as it's also possible that the drivers have been broken by some patch and there are new drivers available that do not suffer from this problem.


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by kwells1014 In reply to

I only recently learned of that tinyurl website, but I haven't been there yet. I seem to be on track after a System Restore. Thanks.

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by kwells1014 In reply to Windows Update Killed My ...

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