Windows Update (not receiving)

By glenngor2001 ·
My OS is Windows XP Home edition, SP2. I have not received my regular updates from Microsoft for some time now. I regularly and routinely do housecleaning of my system about twice a week???

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Microsoft Update

by TheChas In reply to Windows Update (not recei ...

First, do you have service pack 2 installed? New updates for XP are only being sent to systems with SP2 installed.

Next, you may have missed a critical but non-priority update.

Click on the Windows or Microsoft Update link on the Start menu and follow the prompts in the browser window that opens up.

You may need to run the update several times to get all of the updates for your system.

Exercise caution with any recommended device driver updates. Microsoft has a bad habit of sending wrong hardware drivers.


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Just too add a bit more to the above answer

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Windows Update (not recei ...

When you go to the Microsoft Update Site you may need to do a Custom Update and not an Express Update. The Custom Option offers you the choice of getting Non Critical but necessary Updates that are not normally available with the Express Option.


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Stating the obvious

by glenngor2001 In reply to Just too add a bit more t ...

D'uh. Yeah, I think the whole world probably already knows what "Custom" means, so please stop pretending to be clever and wasting peoples time, who genuinely need help. I bet you work for hp.

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Listen, either you want help, or you do not.

But one thing we do not like on here is getting peeved off from the likes of you.
We all like to help you, but with your attitude i do not think you will get any more help. So unless you change your ways, help is off the books.
I was going to post a way around through the registry, but i will not do that now, so you are on your own.
And yes, THIS IS Stating the obvious.

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Stating the obvious

by jdclyde In reply to Listen, either you want h ...

That when someone comes in, hat in hand, asking for help for free, it is never a good idea to be a prick to the people offering assistance, even if it SEEMS to be an obvious tip. Not everyone knows, and we have no way of knowing how much or little a poster does know other than what they have posted.

You called it PT, let Mr. know-it-all sink. I also was going to add a few ideas that I have run across lately, but he is unworthy.

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How are you doing jdclyde ?.

How is things going in your town/area?.

I do not like the persons attitude, with all of the help he starts to stab at the helpers.
Talk about biting the hands that feed you. :)

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Well, yourself?

by jdclyde In reply to How are you doing jdclyde ...

And for the record, Col's tip was NOT to obvious to be mentioned. This is one fukwitt that knows how to dry up the well, huh?

Oh yeah, I got that CPU I was looking for.

A rep from called, wanting our business. I told him if he could fill the first order, I would add him to my list of vendors. He had one in three days.

Now I just have to get the system running.... At least it boots now, even if it hangs at the windows logo.... ;\

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JD you may have to do a Repair Install to stop the hanging

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well, yourself?

Of course if this is a new install that's a different story though.

This may also be helpful

I think I should be offended being accused of working for HP though. :^0


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Not a new install

by jdclyde In reply to Well, yourself?

It was from the cloned system that is running a raid.

I had pulled this drive out of the raid, dropped a new drive in and rebuilt the raid.

I just plugged the drive into this system, put the new CPU in and WOO WOO! I got postage! It wouldn't do ANYTHING before. Doing happy dance......

Got pulled off to take care of a few other issues, and but plan to get back to it either today or Friday. (going to "Linux Day" that Novell is hosting down in Detroit tomorrow).

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Well in that case JD it must have been a Mirrored Array t e that far

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Well, yourself?

You'll have to do a In Place Install which will blow away any Patches/Hot Fixes applied to this Windows Box but it will save the time involved in Rebuild of Windows from Scratch.

Instead of using the In Place Install Instructions use these Directions for changing a M'Board as that is effectively what you have done here just that's it's the HDD moved t a different M'Board.;en-us;824125

You just need a M$ Branded Install Disc and you'll be OK.


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