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    windows update – system restore


    by wesley.chin ·

    A friend has a laptop running Vista Home SP1. After a series of Windows Updates, and then restarting, he is unable to boot normally. I did a system restore and then boot up is normal, but right after another windows update, system restore is needed again. Suspect it is a bad update that is the problem. What is the KB# for a update that is bad?

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      by wesley.chin ·

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      In my case

      by santeewelding ·

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      With Vista Home Basic, the update left me dead in the water. Could’nt do shilt. Had to wipe and reinstall. Stayed away from [i]any[/i] updating until a year or so later (secondary, backup machine, just so as I could get online in an emergency).

      Tried it again. Problem appeared to have been fixed (with enough people complaining).

      Good luck.

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      I think M$ support would be the ones to ask

      by ansugisalas ·

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      Support is free with update issues.

      But you can always try to run one update at a time, reboot, see if it works. Best uncheck automatic updates then.

      Could be a driver issue too, or a hardware issue that comes into play when interacting with a new (non-faulty) driver.

      One final thing option; download the update, go offline, kill all the security software, and only then run the update.

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