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    windows updates


    by flakeyjake ·

    O.K., which MS update broke my home network?
    I have 4 xp, 1 98, 1 linux. Until recently, all boxes commed each other and shared. Now, there is no sign that any box sees any other, yet they all access the ‘net. Firewall has all ip’s set-up but still no-go.

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      by flakeyjake ·

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      Start with SP3

      by thechas ·

      In reply to windows updates

      My first suspect would be XP SP3. The primary updates of SP3 were to tighten up the Windows Firewall and tighten up security in general.

      Many users with small peer to peer networks have had to start over with the configuration of their XP systems after installing SP3.

      I myself would be more than a little concerned about having a Windows 98 system on any network that does not have a hardware firewall protecting it. Windows 98 still has security holes that will not be patched. You also have problems getting a good up to date anti-virus package on a W98 system.


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      Check to

      by rob miners ·

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      see if File and Print Sharing is still enabled on the PC’s.

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        by flakeyjake ·

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        is installed on xp boxes. why cant the linux box see or be seen?

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          Try re-running your XP Network Wizard …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to sp3

          That should do it.

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          Try this

          by rob miners ·

          In reply to sp3

          edit your “hosts” file in windows.


          You will need to add an entry to the file with the IP Address and Host Name of your Linux PC.

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      silly me!

      by flakeyjake ·

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      the problem turned out to be the router. i reset to factory default and, Shazam!, a fully functioning network. the problem turned out to be the game bypass settings for the gaming rig. good reminder for those that think too much, check the simple things.

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