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    Windows Updates – Administrator receives Access violation error


    by locolobo ·


    I have 4 Windows Server 2003 machines, 2 are Domain Controllers (DC) and 2 are “member servers(?)”. The DCs have no problem with windows updates, but when I try to update the member servers I get an Access Violation message telling me to see my system administrator. Unfortunately that is me!

    After googling I added the following rights for my administrators;
    1. Back up files and directories
    2. Debug programs
    3. Restore files and directories
    4. Manage auditing and security log
    5. Take ownership of files or other objects

    The administrator account still cannot perform windows updates. I also logged in as the local administrator which didn’t work either.

    After reading this page on Technet,

    I went here and download the file suggested.

    When I tried to run the file I got the same “Access Violation” message. Has anybody else run across this? Can anybody tell me how to fix it?

    I really don’t want to promote the 2 remaining Servers to domain controllers just to do the updates.


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