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Windows Updates & Viruses

By kimscomputing ·
I run a small computer business out of my home. Lately my work has consisted of mainly virus removal and making sure the computer doesn't get the viruses again. I usually install AVG, Sypbot, and do all the windows updates. Because windows updates take so long and are so repetitive I was wondering if the updates are located on the hard drive somewhere so I can back them up and run them for each system instead of scanning and the installing them. (Like saving them to a disk). I would also appreciate any advice you can give me on AVG or another product I can use to help insure my customers do not get more viruses. Thanks.

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by JIM-H In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

I think it puts a lot of the files here or something:
C:\WINNT\Windows Update Setup Files

You might also want to search the Microsoft site for the download of the patches. They usually have some number associated and in most cases these are all downloadable where you could even put them on CD. Keep in mind though that doing such a thing would prevent you from getting anything recently changed.

Good Luck,

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by Lizzy In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

Microsoft has a download catalog site where you can download updates for various windows systems and save them to disk:

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by Lizzy In reply to

I also like the Symantec removal tools that they have available for download. I usually have them on a CD when I have to clean a system for someone which seems like it's becoming more frequent lately. I recommend the NAV for most users due to the way I can set it up with screen readers for the blind, but I don't dislike AVG or McAfee--I just would not install multiple packages on one PC due to possible conflicts.

If the user can afford to use the computer, they -must- be able to afford a decent AV program that is updated regularly and can be renewed by subscription.

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by pierrejamme In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

while Symantec has individual tools you may not always know which tool to download.
I like to use NOD32 DOS version when I go in the field. A trial copy can be found at:

McAfee makes a windows tool called Stinger, that combines 40 of the most common viruses in a removal tool and can be found at:

I have made a CD of each of the different OS from the Microsoft catalog, the biggest problem is knowing which update is needed as there is no "Scan for updates" on the CD, but it is handy if you know which patch you want.

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by TheChas In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

Most patches are NOT stored locally when you use Windows Update. Some patches are not new files but changes to the registry.

As Lizzy suggested, you can use the Windows Update Catalog to download the needed updates for each current version of Windows that you support.

You can order a CD that will include all of the "current" Windows Updates as of late 2003 from Microsoft.

In addition to the Windows Update Catalog, I check the Microsoft downloads page once a week and download any patches or files that are of interest to me. I save these by application on my hard drive, and burn them to CD as needed.

For Windows 95, this will be your only option to get the updates.

If you are not a subscriber already, you should sign up for the TechNet Security e-mail. This way, you will be notified about security updates. The e-mails contain a link to a TechNet article on the update that usually has a link to download the update file(s).

1 caveat for installing updates from downloaded files. I recommend that you install the updates in the order they were released. That way, you avoid wiping out an update by replacing a new version of a file with an older version.


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by kimscomputing In reply to
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by wlbowers In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

You can go to the Microsoft Corporate site and download the updates to install to multiple computers.

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Good Luck Lee

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by cglrcng In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

MS is providing the CD free of charge that has all of the patches and updates on it for Win98, Win98SE, Win ME and Win 2k & Win NT.

I just submitted a request for my personal copy (free even),though I have been downloading and burning copies for all my customers from the Catalog file located 2 the win update site for some time now.

I'll post the link later here so you can request your own CD copy from MS.

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by Aakash Shah In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

I would recommend letting Windows Update automatically install itself. Assuming you have 2K or XP:
Right click on My Computer
Select the Update tab
Set Windows to automatically download and install updates. Set the date to whatever you feel is most convenient.

This way, you won't need to wait to download anything since Windows will automatically downlaod the updates and install them as soon as they come out.

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by csmith In reply to Windows Updates & Viruses

No, not from the hard drive.
The CDs are the answer, and if it is very standard, burn CDs to update each OS.
Regards, Chris

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