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    windows validation


    by dre1mail ·

    sup? i reently installed windows last xp 14 but having sum major gliches! my bios screwed now i can retain a wallpaper. got a notice on the bottom left of my screen satating that my system may be at risk…sum validation thingy!!driving me nuts!! how can i get it off?

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      by jordan ·

      In reply to windows validation

      If you have a genuine copy of Windows then register it. That will help with validation.

      What are the BIOS issues exactly? can you be more specific?

      Your wallpaper has nothing to do with your BIOS by the way.

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      W Valid?

      by rounhere ·

      In reply to windows validation

      Usually u a major upgrade of hardware causes this. Just register it or call Microsoft and walk through the automated telephone activation. I did it when upgrading to an extra gig of RAM

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