Windows Video Server securing access question

By craig ·
Good day

I am setting up a Windows Media Server but have a question about
secure access.

I used to use a Windows Media Server that I hired the use of and it
had a certain security feature - it would only serve video files from a
certain folder if they had a valid "security token" appended to the

The token string would be requested by some php within the page
that had the mms stream embedded. Each token would expire after 1

Say for example that the token was AbAbAbA, the embedded
filename would be:


If the token was not appended or if it had expired, the file would not

I have tried searching allover to try and find how this was done, as I
would like to use that again, but unfortunately have not had any luck,
and the company I used to hire the server from does not exist
anymore. Can anyone help me out?


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