Windows Vista Activation Code Problem

By MqPasta ·
I isntalled Windows Vista Beta1 ... after installation .. I login .. then it asked for Windows Activation Code .. I choose 'Retype Product Key' .... but it gave an error ... error code is 0xC004B100 .. General SL Server Error...

I used google but could not find help for this error code .. can any one help me?

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You should have...

by TechExec2 In reply to Windows Vista Activation ...

You should have received your Vista activation code by e-mail when you signed up for the Vista beta test program. That code is the only one that will work. You cannot type a "Product Key" instead of an activation code.

If you don't have an activation code, contact your local Microsoft office for assistance.

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Any other way

by MqPasta In reply to You should have...

ok, I got it.. but is there any way to get latest release of Vista? ... any link to download iso image of vista?

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Here is the download site

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Any other way

You'll have to go through the Registration process if you haven't already to get the Latest RC1 release. I've heard some say that they are running the RC2 release but at the OEM System Builders Pre release of Vista last week the M$ staff where running the RC1 install and everyone was working off that and latter that night it was released to RTM stage so what we where using with a few alterations is the Production version that will be available to all as a OEM or Retail Release in the next few months.


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Vista RC2 downloads are closed, but...

by TechExec2 In reply to Any other way

Microsoft says the Vista RC2 downloads are closed. But, apparently you can download RC2 from here. It appears this is an MS-sanctioned download site. But, I do not know this for sure.

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Firstly I take it that you mean

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Windows Vista Activation ...

Vista RC1 Beta here and not Vista Beta 1 as that is no longer supported by M$.

When you downloaded Vista Beta 2 or RC1 you would have been e-mailed a product key that you need to enter to allow Vista to install. If you downloaded Beta 2 and then RC 1 you can use the same product key as M$ didn't supply a different key for these products if you already had the first version.

Now when it comes to the Activation Key this is obtained from M$ by On Line Registration not by entering a Product Key which is something completely different. Even if you don't have an Internet connection to this machine and rang M$ for an activation key a day/week/month ago and made a record of that it will not work as an Activation Key again you'll need to obtain another one directly from the M$ Beta Testing section.

Currently I don't think that the Phone Support for MS Vista Activation exists as this is a Beta copy and expected to be connected to the Internet and run till it breaks or causes problems. It will then report back o M$ the problem that it has experienced so that if it's something new M$ can start work on a fix and if it's a known problem you can be told how to fix the problem of that work on a fix is currently underway.


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