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Windows Vista Active Desktop with Sharepoints

By armand ·
Currently I have Sharepoint Services running a webpage that automatically gets applied to client machines desktops when they log in.

I cant find a way to do this in windows Vista. From what I read Active Desktop has been replaced with the Sidebar option. This do not allow web page content to be displayed on a desktop.

Can anyone point me in the right direction on how I can display HTML content on my desktops?


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Same problem

by akellogg In reply to Windows Vista Active Desk ...

I too use active desktop ( locked down )to get our Sharepoint. I do not want to have to rely on users to launch from side bar. Our events calendar and daily announcemnts are on the front of our sharepoint site. We have been moving users to the Sharepoint interface and now have 26 departments and more than 500 employees. Launching something is not an option.

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A gadget would be the answer!

by skau In reply to Windows Vista Active Desk ...

I have the same problem.

The problem would be solved by adding a gadget that displays web-content (i.e. a mini IE) to your sidepanels, and then undocking it to your desktop.

So - does anybody know of such a gadget?

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Does MS have at least minimum understanding of backward compatibility?

I do not need any calendar, I know what current day is. I do not need any streaming data, I got TV for that. But I STILL NEED ABILITY TO LAUNCH MY SCRIPTS!!!. I got project control environment as a set of 500 scripts. Build, archive, launch in all enviroments, servers control, knowledge base etc. Each script launch via the link from desktop. So my Active Desktop is very well organized static web page contained 500 links to scripts.

Now after MS came with Vista, I am loosing it???

Guys, learn IT principles a little, please!!!

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Ave's Crashed

by edmondscomputer In reply to An Alternative I found

Too bad. Ave's software crashed as soon as I attempted to execute the install.

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