Windows Vista and Network Routers

By ameliaschair ·
I recently upgraded my CPU to one that has Windows Vista (what a headache!). The first problem I encountered was being able to see my company's network but none of the other computer on the network being able to see my computer. I figured out that the Windows Vista sharing process is much more complicated than it was on XP - so this problem is now solved.

My current problem that I need help with is that my new Windows Vista computer won't stay connected to the network or internet for more than 15-30 minutes at a time. My computer says that it cannot find any networks available. I turn my computer off and back on and the problem fixes itself for another 15-30 minutes. I have attempted to use the "Repair Network" function but Windows says that it cannot fix the problem and to check my network router. If anyone is an expert in this, I would greatly appreciate your help!!!


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you mean you upgraded ...

by Triathlete1981 In reply to Windows Vista and Network ...

you pc, right? not your cpu.

okay, so you can see the internet for intermittent times at least. that's a good thing. have you run a virus scan?

you could also try updating the device driver for the network card.

also, on vista, click start, right-click computer, and choose properties. the address will say control panel > system. in the lower right, click the Change Settings button. the system properties window pops up with the computer name tab already displayed. if your computer has been added to the workgroup by default and your company is using a different workgroup name, this could be why other comps are not seeing you. as for it being a vista problem, i haven't had any problems (knock on wood) with networking yet. click the change button and type in the appropriate workgroup. you'll be prompted to restart your computer.

as for te problem being your router, is anyone else having similar problems. if so, then it is the router. if not, maybe it's your pc settings.

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IPv4 and IPv6

by CG IT In reply to you mean you upgraded ...

what I noticed with networking problems on Windows Vista is that by default IPv6 is enabled as a protocol and some routers do not work with IPv6 enabled. disabling IPv6 seemed to resolve connectivity problems [uncheck the checkbox].

another issue is power management. by default, the turn off this device [NIC] to save power is enabled. Normally this does not cause a problem when your using you computer but I've seen connectivity problems.

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You are brilliant!

by juli.sugar In reply to IPv4 and IPv6

I have contacted Dell and Best Buy a few times about this issue and no one could diagnose it! I just purchased this new Dell 2 days ago and it's running VISTA which I am not happy with so far. But I've been plagued by this disappearing connection problem ALL DAY. I even returned another computer I purchased 3 days ago because my network connection kept disappearing! But your advice to disable the Power Saving function on the Intel 10/100 Network Connection WORKED! THANK YOU!!!!! Wish I had seen your post before returning the Acer, which would have saved me $150.

By the way, buyers beware -- you do NOT qualify for DELL SUPPORT if you purchase your Dell at Best Buy!

Hope this helps others when they "upgrade" to Vista.

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Me too!!!!!!!!!!

by wesrhodes20 In reply to Windows Vista and Network ...


I am having the EXACT same problem. The vista laptop
will connect to the internet for a short period of time, but
then it will just stop working. Then it just has a mind of its
own and works when it wants to. Although, the Vista
laptop can still connect to the various servers I have set
up, it will not connect to the internet. I have tried so many
things without success. It does however work everywhere
else that it is used (or so the person says) I cant get the
Vista laptop to connect either wirelessly or through a
internet cable for a long period of time, it just comes and

If you find out how to fix this PLEASE let me know. it
would be a huge blessing.

Thank you so much!!!!!

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Click on your newtork icon and then.....

Click on "network and connection sharing center > manage network connetions", then right click on "local area connection", then select "properties > configure > power management" there will be a box that might be marked "Allow this computer to turn off this device to save power", Un-tick it. :)

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.
If this information is useful, please mark as helpful. Thanks.

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