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Windows Vista and Office 2007 any alternative

By presgard ·
I make desktop and laptop images for mid to
high end executives and I would like to sell
them on a change... As productive, easy to use,
less resource intensive ergo faster, easy to

I have been a Microsoft "guy" since NT 4.0 sp3
and win 95. I gave up a Novell administrators
position to stay in the Microsoft world. I
know I don't want to work for Microsoft, but
the product until now has really met the
business needs. Microsoft has finally reached
the point where the only business argument is
because they are there and established.

Vista turned me off with the 6 boxes to clear
just to get to the internet, repeat same, pull
the plug (Not to mention the VPN issue).
Office 2007 seems to spend as much time remind
2k3 users they should upgrade. My daily battle
is to follow "critical" updates whose main
purpose seems to be getting users to OK OFFICE
version does not match, or NOT IN INTENDED
FORMAT (Spielberg did a Word document just so
but oddly enough my company could make a $ off
it). Trying to stay on XP and office 2003 gets
to be more effort every month with "patches"
installing server software on every client. Is
there a reason for MS Small Business & Sql
Server to suck up my processor and RAM? I can
not find one. Vista misses the mark. My users
are over 40 and want 1024 x 768 resolution.
Eye candy to them is a readable window. My
users need word processing moderate to low
spread sheet usage and presentation software
that can handle lots of pics.

What are alternatives to sell to management? I
have 2009 reprieve from Vista. I personally
would like to get an OS that would work with
our in house Oracle and SQL apps and can handle
the basics. Outlook is our biggest PC
bottleneck and I can see Gmail being the easy
replacement. What OS and Shell for desktop and
laptop? What office suite will not confuse or
challenge my rock steady users?

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