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Windows Vista And Wireless Connectivity

By confuscius ·
I upgraded Windows XP Pro to Vista.

No problem with the upgrade.
But it dropped internet connectivity.
Repaired the TCP/IP stack. Ran the Windows Network Repair Programme. Unistalled, reinstalled and updated the Wireless Network Card drivers, problem persisted.

I was getting "entry point not found" error msg for the wireless card.

I am using Dlink GForce Extreme internal wireless card and US Robotics wireless router. The computer sees the router.

In the device manager I dont see the Dlink but a wireless network driver loaded as default by Windows Vista. Uninstalling or disabling it did not help

I am not an expert in this field. So any help would be most appreciated

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by wcp In reply to Windows Vista And Wireles ...

There are three probable causes.

1. Driver incompatibility ? the driver for Vista may be not available yet. However, you may try to update the driver loaded by Vista with XP driver. I have a Linksys wireless USB (WUSB54G V1) which Vista recognized as Unknown Device. I installed XP driver and Vista took it.

2. Network Configuration ? I had to configure Wireless Network. Unlike Widows XP, I did not see wireless network icon in the System Trey.

Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Manage Wireless Network > Add

Vista will search Wireless Networks that are available in the range. Choose yours and provide security key if necessary.

3. HW incompatibility ? The card may not be compatible to Vista. Buy one (but which one?) that is compatible to Vista.

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by robo_dev In reply to Windows Vista And Wireles ...

in order for a wireless connection to work, you must both associate and authenticate.

Association means the PC can 'see' the wireless router. This is done easily if the wireless router is configured to send out it's Wireless Network Name (also called Service Set ID SSID).

Typically this value is set to 'USR9106' for US Robotics **06. Association won't happen if the hardware is at the wrong frequency (802.11a connecting to 802.11b). Once you associate, most PCs have a little green icon that shows good signal strength. Verify that it is YOUR network name that you have associated with (and not the neighbors).

Authentication means that either WEP encryption keys are set to match in both the client and wireless router, or another more secure protocol like WPA or some 802.1x variant are configured properly. Typically, if the security is turned off in the Wireless router (no encryption), then the PC will connect at this point with no configuration at all.

So, in summary:

1) the PC and Wireless router SSIDs must match.
2) the PC and Wireless router must have authentiation configured the same.

And finally, are you using BOTH a wired and wireless connection in the same PC? If so, then the setting called the 'interface metric' must be adjusted so the two adapters can coexist.

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