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Windows Vista is available for pre-sale on AMAZON.COM

By TechExec2 ·
Windows Vista is now available for pre-sale on AMAZON.COM. Versions and pricing appear below. Availability: January 30, 2007.

1. Do you think Windows Vista will really be available on January 30, 2007?
2. What do you think about the pricing?
3. Will you upgrade to Windows Vista?
4. Will you upgrade your company to Windows Vista?

My answers:
1. Yes.
2. LOVE that monopoly. BillG: Check out the AirBus A380 corporate jet. Cool!
3. Yes, but only because I've got the machete.
4. Not now. Maybe in 2008.

What are your answers?


Pricing when sold by Amazon (not from a zShop):

Windows Vista Ultimate -- $399.00 / $259.00 upgrade
Windows Vista Business -- $299.00 / $199.00 upgrade
Windows Vista Home Premium -- $239.00 / $159.00 upgrade
Windows Vista Home Basic -- $199.00 / $99.95 upgrade

For comparison (sold by Microsoft, Apple, RedHat on Amazon):

Windows XP Professional -- $247.99 / $157.99 upgrade
Windows XP Home -- $189.99 / $89.99 upgrade
Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.6 -- $109.99
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation 4 Basic -- $58.00


Windows Vista

Windows XP

Mac OS X

RedHat Enterprise Linux Workstation 4 Basic

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Vista, ho hum

by SciFiMan In reply to Windows Vista is availabl ...

1 - Yes, probably, not that it matters much.
2 - Price is about right, although expensive. But so was XP when it first came out.
3 - I have to build a PCI-e system next spring anyway so I'll probably just get Vista since I'll have a new DX10 card anyway.
4 - The company will probably move towards Vista in the second half of 2007.

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