Windows Vista Keyboard Problems

By magespawn ·
While typing in a Vista machine, pushing certain such as l,u and d does not type the letter but locks the pc, or brings up help or shows the desktop. This means that you cannot type in passwords or documents.

Is this a function that can be turned off? Or is there something wrong with the pc and it needs a repair or reinstall.

The user cannot remember doing anything specific to activate it.

Thank you in advance for any help.

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Have you tried a new keyboard

by Bizzo In reply to Windows Vista Keyboard Pr ...

It might be that the "windows" key is stuck?

Or, the stickykeys function might be set. Try pressing the windows key once.

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Me too..

by DataLarsson In reply to Windows Vista Keyboard Pr ...

I have the same problem!
It's very confusing, some keys acts as shortcuts for different actions. Key "1" launches the first application in the "quick-start-field", key "2" launches the second aso. Letter "B" shows hidden icons in the activationlist..
I have not found what's trigging this (it is NOT the language setting). Restarting helps until next time it happens (~once a month). I'm using a VAIO laptop with Vista.

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