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    Windows Vista Locks to 169.254.?.? IP address


    by lucky_me_69 ·

    I work for the local cable company, I went to a customers house to install cable internet. when i got there the pc was plugged into the cust’s router, and it was turned on. The computer had drawn and IP address for this router, so i disconnected the router, and connected to the cabel modem. Then proceeded to launch a cmd prompt and attempted an “ipconfig /release” i recieved and error msg “the requested action requires elevation”. so i tried a “ipconfig /renew” (and just like windows XP it doesn’t quite understand that command unless you can successfully release the ip you don’t want). Next I ran a “netsh winsock reset” i got the same error msg. so i booted to “safe mode with networking” attempted the same thing. with “reset” instead of getting an ‘elevation’ msg. Now it was just bringing up the bad ip. like the OS new what I asked for, but couldn’t give it to me. So i attempted a “netsh winsock reset” and got the “you must restart computer” msg. (at this point, i was thinking “thank God, finally, something worked”). Rebooted, and still had the same IP address as before I booted to safe mode. I was on the phone with our company’s techsupport and we went really old school. He said we should try to remove the network adaptor and reinstall it. The light bulb got bright, and that finally did the trick. I waw able to reboot, let windows install the hardware, and then Vista was able to draw a good IP address, and we got on line. After completing the regristration and setting up customer e-mail addresses, I tried to hook back up to the wireless router (netgear). It drew the 169.254… IP again, and I attempted to set up the cable modem to feed the router for internet. The router wanted to run a static IP, and we use a dynamic. I saw no other options for setting up a dynamic IP so i disconnected the router, and went back to the modem, then rebooted the pc. It locked up to the 196.254….. IP again. This time I went into the control panel and clicked on the network something center icon. In there i was able to find a “manage network connections” option. I clicked on that, and was able to disable the network adaptor (instead of removing the hardware completely try this). Then i rebooted my modem, and after it was sunk up , and ready, I Enabled the network adaptor and it drew a good IP address.
    —-Good Luck all, I hope this helped——

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      you need to be logged on as admin

      by pgm554 ·

      In reply to Windows Vista Locks to 169.254.?.? IP address

      not admin equivelent

      admin on vista is turned off by default

      you need to go into user accounts and turn that user on

      then either login as admin or use the “run as ” feature

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      by lucky_me_69 ·

      In reply to Windows Vista Locks to 169.254.?.? IP address

      I didn’t know that the first user put on the computer was not set as the administrator, such as done with XP. I can’t believe how much crap has changed with Vista.

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        I was first user, and I was signed on as Admin

        by savon19 ·

        In reply to sorry

        Windows Home Premium – I didn’t even check (ASSuming I was Admin) — but just checked, and I AM Admin. So I’m not sure why other(s) weren’t?

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          I am Admin as well

          by landon ·

          In reply to I was first user, and I was signed on as Admin

          I am logged in as admin and get the same error message when trying to ipconfig/release. Has anyone been able to successfully use this?

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          UAC Bypass for Admin Rights

          by gaffersandy ·

          In reply to I was first user, and I was signed on as Admin

          Ok i have had the same message on Vista with ip release, there is a way around this:

          open command prompt (right click, run as admin)

          then type the following command

          net user Administrator /active:yes

          it should confirm the operation as succesful

          you need to set the Administrator password

          net user Administrator p?assword

          it again should confirm the operation as successful, next log out and log back in on the visible admin account and you can complete the ip relase operation

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      by lucky_me_69 ·

      In reply to Windows Vista Locks to 169.254.?.? IP address

      I didn’t know that Vista has the Admin acct. turned off by default. I assumed that I was logged on as the administrator. I assumed that it worked like XP that way. I appoligize greatly for my stupidity.

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