Windows Vista - Office 2007 compatibility with ms office 2003

By errin.johnson ·
I have Vista and the office 2007 on a gateway computer. I create documents, such as, power point presentations that are not compatible with the ms office 2003 version. If I email a client a presentation they can not view it. Is there any changes for that. I know there is a converter out there, but doesnt the one that has ms office 2003 need to down load that before they can view my email. Which means if they are a business they need to get with thier IT to be able to down load any software. Is there a solution here? thank you

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One of two things

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Windows Vista - Office 20 ...

Your client either needs to download and install the document viewer or you need to do a save as and save your documents in Office 2003 format. The default file format in Office 2007 is an XML format and is not compatible with Office 2003. Look at the file extension on the Office 2007 documents, all have a four character extension ending in 'x'.

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change your default save as

by Sue T In reply to One of two things

try doing this. this is supposed to change your default save as file format to what ever you choose and then you won't be depending on other people having to install anything to open your files. You should be able to do this for each of the office programs (Excel, Word, PowerPoint)
On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Save tab.
In the Save Word files as box, click the file format (file format: The way in which information is stored in a file so that a program can open and save the file. A file's structure defines how it is stored and displayed. File format is indicated by a three-letter extension after the file name, such as .doc.) you want.

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I will set up the default

by errin.johnson In reply to change your default save ...

I did finally have one powerpoint presentation get through to an email recipient to open, but the one I made with Movie Maker, would not open. Do I need to set Movie Maker on a default also, I did not see where I could do that, just yet anyway. I would create the movie and then insert into powerpoint 2007. I know the movie maker is causing problems. I unchecked the filter boxes, because it said sometimes that could cause a problem, but still no movie for ms office 2003 recipients. I changed the format to compatible mode and did everything I could do for now. any suggestions would be great, but thank you for your time.



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Thank You

by errin.johnson In reply to One of two things

I will look into the XML format. thanks again. Maybe that will help with my movie maker problem. I insert a movie into the powerpoint 2007 and compatible mode doesnt seem to work on others to view.


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Reverse Problem...

by annette.blampied In reply to Windows Vista - Office 20 ...


I'm having the opposite problem - I'm creating powerpoint presentations in office 2003 and they are getting garbled when opened in on a vista run system. Is there something I can do? I'm not very technical and dont really understand the reasons behind this.

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What version of Office is installed on the Vista system?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Reverse Problem...

Without knowing what version of Office they're using on the Vista system, we can't begin to help you. Chances are, it's a compatability problem.

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